Why Switchboard Upgrade Is a Smart Move

Mastinelectrical.com.au/ switchboard upgrade costs are often based on the wiring and structure of the house. An electrician can provide a detailed quote. Upgrading your switchboard is relatively simple, but you must consider several factors before getting one. These factors include cost, safety, and legality. Read on to learn more. After reading the article, you’ll be able to decide if it’s time to upgrade your switchboard. Here are why switching to a new one is a smart move.


mastinelectrical.com.au/ switchboard upgradeThe switchboard is the central point for electrical distribution in your home. It receives power from the street and distributes it to various parts of your home, such as lights, fans, and appliances. Since it has to function safely, it is important to update the switchboard with safety switches. A qualified electrician can upgrade your switchboard with new safety switches. This is a cost-effective solution to make your home safer.


With the introduction of the national metering code, it is becoming increasingly important to comply with the latest switchboard standards. To comply with the new code, retailers must upgrade their switchboards and install smart digital meters. This means removing and replacing old-style metering enclosures, which are unsafe. These old-style metering enclosures have chipboard backing and porcelain fuses, which must be replaced. Keeping these standards in mind is important for the safety of the building and the people living there.


A switchboard upgrade is often required when you add new appliances or power points to your home. Older switchboards often lack the required RCDs, which protect your home from electrical shock and fire. Additionally, you may need to upgrade the earthing system to meet current standards and reduce fire hazards. mastinelectrical.com.au/ switchboard upgrade are also necessary if you consider adding smart meters to your home. Finally, if you’re planning to add 3 phase air conditioning, it’s important to upgrade your switchboard.


An important part of a home is the switchboard. Also known as the meter box, fuse box, or breaker box, it is vitally important that it is safe and reliable. With electrical appliances, smart home features, and other gadgets, household power consumption has increased significantly, as have personal safety concerns. As a result, electrical safety standards in Australia have been strengthened to protect residents. Here are some ways to ensure your switchboard is legal.

Asbestos-containing backing panels

If your current switchboards contain asbestos-containing backing panels, you should look for alternatives. These old-style boards are usually dark brown or black with a fibrous surface. In addition, asbestos-containing panels may be marked by a warning sticker on the rear. To determine if your current switchboards contain asbestos, you should inspect them. Alternatively, you can contact an electrical wholesaler or WorkSafe.

Overloaded circuits

Overloaded circuits on switchboards can be dangerous because they can cause wires to melt, which can lead to a fire. Electrical malfunctions are responsible for nearly 50,000 home fires every year. A malfunction can lead to property damage, injuries, and even death. Knowing the warning signs of an overloaded circuit is the best way to avoid an accident or property damage. Overloaded circuits are often caused by too many appliances being plugged into the same circuit. If you see one of these warning signs, you might want to consider switching to a different circuit.

RCD (residual current device) safety switch

The RCD (residual current devices) safety switch is an electrical safety switch that continuously monitors the flow of electricity in a circuit and cuts power off when a fault is detected. A fault can be either a short circuit, an overloaded circuit, or a ground fault. Electricity flows through active and neutral wiring, and residual current devices allow it to function normally.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard

If you are thinking of making an electrical mastinelectrical.com.au/ switchboard upgrade, you have many reasons to do so. Older-style switchboards may not meet current electrical standards, leading to electrical shock and costly repairs. An upgrade can protect your home from expensive damages, and it can also improve the safety of your electrical system. An electrician can inspect the electrical switchboard and recommend improvements that will help keep your home safe and secure. Listed below are some reasons to upgrade your switchboard.

Fuse boards made before the 1980s may be dangerous to your electrical infrastructure. The electrical circuits can be very vulnerable to fire and electrocution, and the ceramic fuses may fail more frequently. Also, they may contain asbestos, which can be hazardous to your health. A switchboard upgrade can increase the safety and reliability of your electrical system while reducing your home’s electricity bill. For more information, contact an electrician who is certified in switchboard upgrades.

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