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About Global experience

Global experience has been connecting students from every corner of the globe with Australian families since 1999. Founded by Sonia Ortega through her determination to make a difference in people’s lives, she combined her past skills in counselling, social work, business management and meditating with her love of Australia and her “global experience” with other cultures.

Sonia’s dream brought together an ambitious team of young people, all of whom were born outside Australia, and many who had also been international students themselves. Now, after twenty years and counting, her dream of providing extra assistance and support to students while studying in Australia continues.

From our humble beginnings of 45 initial families and 1 college who referred us to a university, we now have partnerships with more than 20 major educational institutions in Australia and many agents around the world. We have recruited over 6,000 families in Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin and placed over 200,000 students with them.

About Us

Our goal at Global experience is to ensure students and families make connections that will last a lifetime, even though the homestay in Australia may be brief. We look forward to working with you.